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Meeting the expectations of a modern workforce

Building engaged, performance-driven teams, attracting and retaining top talent, and increasing gender diversity, especially in senior roles, are all critical issues for any organization, and the stakes are high.

The success of the business depends on it. While its absence can have disastrous consequences.

The expectations of a modern workforce include flexibility, work-life balance, diversity, sustainability, belonging and shared values. And when companies fail to meet these expectations, the results can be a disengaged workforce, quietly quitting employees, high labor turnover costs and business disruptions, and a lack of diversity in senior roles as employees, who feel disconnected from their employers, leave their jobs to find a better life elsewhere.

It is crucial to find new ways to increase employee engagement and foster an inclusive work culture where employees feel valued, heard, and recognized for their contributions and are empowered to own the way they work so they can perform at their best.​

How parents@work helps companies succeed


Employee Engagement

Employees want to work for companies that care about them as individuals. Investing in the whole person ensures employees feel valued and recognized, while demonstrating shared values.


Team Performance

Peer coaching creates safe space for employees to reflect, plan and take proactive steps, especially during challenging times and demanding life transitions.

This results in increased effectiveness, productivity, and overall team performance.


Talent Retention

Creating opportunities for employees to be part of the solution increases purpose and meaning.

Empowering parents to find new ways to combine work and family and role models to aspire to, increases the pipeline of female talent and gender diversity.

Let's help you get started on your journey to improving employee engagement, performance and retention.

Empowered Teams

In today's fast-paced and competitive business landscape, leaders face the pressing challenge of enhancing employee engagement, team performance, and talent retention. Many organisations struggle to create a supportive and inclusive work environment, especially for working parents. This lack of support often hinders the full potential of the workforce and affects the overall success of the organization.​ 


Engaged employees are the lifeblood of any thriving organisation, yet many businesses struggle to keep their workforce motivated and committed. Additionally, the absence of a comprehensive support system for working parents leads to decreased employee engagement and performance. High-performing teams, a key to organisational excellence, can be challenging to cultivate without the right approach. Moreover, the risk of losing valuable talent poses a constant threat to an organisation's stability and growth.​


At parents@work, we have a clear mission: to empower leaders to thrive through comprehensive peer-coaching programme that addresses the core issues of employee engagement, team performance, and talent retention. We firmly believe that a workplace that embraces and supports working parents creates an environment where the full potential of the workforce is unlocked.​


Peer coaching: By the employees, for the employees

We offer both Parents and Organisations the FRAMEWORK to find their own answers, and the courage and confidence to take actions that matter.

Existing Resources

We already see this wonderful existing resource inside organizations

Employees who bring a wealth of:

  • knowledge
  • experience
  • desire for meaningful work and purpose

Our Approach

We build on what is already there, upskilling and mobilizing employees for sustainable change.

We blend coaching skills with real human connection.

We create safety and trust for employees to exchange, and learn from each other

Our Peer Coaching Model

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Want to find more about how our programme?


“I would recommend parents@work to all new working parents, whether you work full-time or part-time, whether you are a man or woman – just take this opportunity!”


“Our sessions were windows of “open minds” dedicated to explore how to best bring work and parenting under one hat. I took away many new ideas that benefited both my family and my work.”

“I am a true fan of the parents@work as both the coach and new parent can benefit and grow through the coaching - and having someone with whom you can develop and explore ideas is very powerful."


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"I really appreciate that I was able to bring my own topics into the coaching, it has helped me to better understand my own needs and set boundaries."



"I joined the parents@work program as soon as it was launched in my organization. This program is of great benefit for parents, allowing their peer coach to support them when challenges arise. "