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Culture/ High-Performance Teams

Change Management
High Performance Teams
Leading Self and Leading others
Strategic Mentoring and Coaching

Talent Retention

Signature peer-coaching
Employer Branding Strategy and Blueprint
Employee Rewards and Recognition

Employee Engagement

When you get your team members to truly connect with their work and your organization, where they give their best and believe in your organization's mission and values. At parents@work, we believe in the power of engaged employees. 
Our mission is to help your organization unlock the full potential of your team. When you create a workplace where your employees are deeply committed and motivated to excel.

You'll experience:

1.    Increased productivity
2.    Reduced turnover
3.    Greater success in achieving your company's goals


Engaged Mindset Workshop

This workshop equips participants with practical tools and strategies to foster a positive, committed, and motivated attitude, enhancing their overall engagement and productivity in the workplace.

Engaged Teams by Peer-Coaching 

Peer coaching is an effective method for skill development, problem-solving, and personal or professional growth, it leverages the expertise and perspectives of colleagues to drive individual and collective improvement.

Culture/High-Performance Teams 

We help leaders cultivate a culture of high-performance teams. 
We provide training and coaching to empower leaders and teams to foster a collaborative, innovative, and results-driven environment where individuals thrive and contribute to organizational success.

Change Management


Equip your team with the tools to navigate organizational transitions effectively. Learn to embrace change, foster adaptability, and minimize disruption to maximize productivity.

High Performance Teams


Elevate team dynamics and productivity. Discover strategies for effective communication, collaboration, and goal achievement, empowering your team to consistently deliver outstanding results.

Leading Self and Leading others 

Develop leadership skills that drive personal and team success. Cultivate self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and the ability to motivate and guide others towards their full potential.

Strategic Mentoring and Coaching – reverse coaching/mentoring 

Unlock the power of mentoring and coaching within your organization. Explore innovative approaches like reverse mentoring/coaching to bridge generational gaps and foster a culture of continuous learning and growth.

The Results we help you achieve:

→ Enhanced Productivity: Teams become more efficient and effective in their work, achieving higher levels of output.

→ Improved Innovation: Foster a culture where creativity and fresh ideas flourish, driving innovation and problem-solving.

→ Enhanced Collaboration: Team members communicate better, leading to seamless cooperation and synergy among team members.

Talent Retention

A compelling employer brand not only retains existing talent but also attracts high-calibre candidates who are more likely to stay with the company.

We help you implement an Employer Branding strategy that works.

We specialize in partnering with HR executives to craft and elevate your employer brand. Our tailored strategy consultations help you define and communicate your unique employer value proposition to attract, engage, and retain top talent.

We Offer:

Employer Branding Strategy: Questionnaire & Branding Blueprint

A service that uncovers your organization's unique employer identity through a tailored questionnaire, resulting in a strategic blueprint for crafting an attractive employer brand. This service helps align your brand with employee values and expectations, making your company an appealing choice for top talent.

Employee Recognition and Rewards Programs:

We help you to Implement recognition and rewards programs to acknowledge and appreciate employees' contributions. 
Recognizing and rewarding outstanding performance 
1.    Boosts morale and 
2.    Encourages employees to stay committed to the organization
3.    Reduces high recruitment costs